Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quad Damage

After a week off from the 'net, I come back lagging behind in a lot of things. Several of my RSS feeds that I subscribe to don't keep track of entries that are more tha a week old or beyond a certain number of entries. In that respect, I ended up going to Google Reader to catch up. A few of them were handy while I had to manually backtrack at the site itself just to see what I missed.

After all it's said and done, it was time to check on what email I got. One of them is a notification from ZipZoomFly telling me that a product I was looking at is now in stock. After a quick check, I placed an order with them, as they had the parts I wanted for a tad less than what I would be paying for over at Newegg. On its way are an Intel Core2 Quad Q9450 processor and a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3R motherboard. At long last I will finally be able to make the transition to a 45nm Intel-based platform.

I have waited for months for this to finally come to fruition. Ever since seeing the early benchmark numbers, I find that it would be the best CPU architecture for the time being, at least until Intel's next generation of processors (Nehalem) are released.

At the moment, I am moving files around and making backups. The RAID-0 drive that was originally set up to be a game drive ended up being filled too easily by a variety of items, some of which needed to be deleted or offloaded somewhere and somehow. Soon, when the parts arrive, I will be able to make the transition and be on my way. In the mean time, I debate and contemplate on how to name the "My Computer" icon. I had it set to "Sonic Convoy" after the combined Galaxy Convoy and Sonic Bomber characters in Transformers: Galaxy Force. But I wonder if naming it "Quad Damage" will be appropriate when the time comes...

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