Thursday, January 17, 2008

One person to guide them...

In one of my usual daily session of WiC, I came across a team that didn't exactly have the teamwork necessary to hold out against an assaulting force. As I mentioned it, I was told to speak up. Well, why not? Maybe it'll bring about something interesting about the people who play on the server.

Farmland, I chose the side of US. A quick glance of the scoreboard and the people who opted for what side showed that there are plenty of high-ranking officers on the other side. I may not be of much help. Granted, the ranks don't mean a single thing but it's still an indication of how much time was spent playing. And those time spent playing usually end up being playing experiences, of which the players will take into consideration and refine their tactical skills and knowledge. Time's up, the round starts.

I started the talk, walking the people over that the contested area is likely to be at the bridge control point. Preventing the enemy from capturing that will ensure that we have dominance favor. After a quick capture on the Airstrip, I rushed over to help my fellow armor player. We held out well, preventing the capture for a good amount of time. As the round progresses, the attack became rougher and tougher. The bridge crossing the small stream was destroyed, preventing either side from gaining a capture. This actually proved to be most advantageous to my team, as we held more control points in order to keep the dominance in our favor. And then there was silence. I sent an air-dropped light tank to the other side of the bridge for the capture while I was notified of a heavy convoy of enemy vehicles coming straight for the Airstrip. Sending as many of the heavy armored tanks over to fend them off, I the air support was provided with was superb and I did the only thing I can do, destroy what is keeping the air support from coming in. The action was good and I continued to guide the team as I keep them up to date as to where the majority of the forces are located.

Time is running out, but we're still in the lead. The bridge was repaired and the enemies started to spill over. Bridge was cut and the standoff at that control point resumes. A player mentions of having a good amount of points and inquires the Tactical Nuclear Strike option. I glanced up and see that we're on the verge of winning with the dominance meter standing still. "Not enough time. Best we use 'em for other things." He acknowledges and we proceeded to hold the line. Eventually we were able to break their hold on the Bridge and minutes later, the round was ours.

In all of my playing time in WiC, never had I had to become so involved in providing vocal intel and support to the players. The teamwork clicked in. It worked. And even against what seemed like a daunting odds of experience against the possibly inexperienced, we held on together for a well-fought win. It felt good being able to lead a team like that. And I was surprised that people actually cooperated well with the leadership that I provided. Granted, much of the experience I had came from playing BF2 and 2142, where I clocked in many hours of commanding just to get certain awards. But it cannot compare to what one has to do in WiC.

That round, I scored fairly well (anything over 1,000 is good to me). Yet as I left the server for the night, a quick glance at my profile indicate that the server didn't send my scores to the Massgate servers. Eventually I will have to submit the server to Massive to check up on as it's getting tiresome that some of my scores are not tallied into my profile. Well, some other time...

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Anonymous said...

hey Sixshot I saw your dedicated WIC server man and it has got the lowest ping ever. I was wondering if you can let me play on it. that would be nice. thanks man!