Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Technical Difficulties

Who would have thought that I would run into difficulties with the USPS? Basically, I had my video card packaged up nicely and taped up. So the card's off towards EVGA's RMA reception office on December 7th. It is now December 13th, with an updated notice on the Delivery Confirmation number indicating that the package has been misrouted. So now I wonder... "How the fuck can you misroute a Priority Mail item?!" I do not know what factored into this mishap. And I am not all that happy that it happened at all. Maybe it's the season. Who knows? All I can do is just sit idly and wait... which is what I have been doing for the past several days since I want my video card back.

Some Google searches revealed that what I have been experienced may be attributed to faulty components on the video card and that the problem may not be isolated to a single company and a single series of cards. I do not know if the card I get in return will fix this definitely. But I do hope that with a few component changes in the card that the problem will go away. There are things that I cannot tolerate and that's having to deal with faulty hardware simply because I stress the card beyond its normal limit. And it's not even overclocking that is killing the card. It's simple and everyday usage as well as keeping the card in heavy load. There's nothing special about it. And I believe that this kind of scenerio can be recreated in QC labs.

I cannot speculate more than this. Without spare hardwares, I cannot run lengthy load tests to see if this is something that can happen to anyone who stress their cards as much as I could.

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