Friday, August 25, 2006

Summer's come and gone

Summer's almost over. Amazing how time goes by. The kids are gearing up for school once more (or is already in session in some areas). The college-bound are about to start a new semester. And Labor Day is just days away. There are some things that're being constantly portrayed around the ol' boob-tube -- tragedies, disasters, politicians, and elections. I've been slowly getting back to viewing the national news, NBC Nightly in particular, to see what's been going on in my "absence." It seems nothing much has changed. Still the same old news about the days in Iraq, the questions about Iran, and North Korea's possible ambition or threat. There's only so much one can take as far as repeated news as well as bringing people up to date as to what is going on in the world out there.

People are dying. People are hurting. People are angry. People are confused. And people are retarded. Yes, you heard me right on that last one.

People wonder why there are turmoils centering about the middle east. I blame it all on the fact that religion plays a major role in people's ability to be so stupid in that they have to be so radical. I do not have a particular belief. But it is baffling to me that in a world where there are numerous cultures as well as religious beliefs, people would kill another in the name of their own beliefs. Even worse are those who complain about property. Land, the place people call home. Some are quite patriotic, to the point where they will simply fight to make sure that their home stays... well... their home. And what for? So that they can call themselves citizens of a particular country? Things change. Live with it.

On the political front, things are heating up so bad that it's mind-numbing. Republicans, Democratics, Liberals, all bitching and whining over who should be in office on this election. And those TV ads, those stupid ass TV ads... all they ever do is try to say that this so-and-so guy is not the one you should be voting for. It's so out of hand nowadays that it's rare that I hear of a local politican running for office that he doesn't say anything against another. He states what he want to do and what his purpose is. Sounds like the kind of guy that I'd like to vote for. But as usual, things are not always as they seem. I trust political ads as much as do crack -- none.

Tragedies -- these old wounds don't seem to go away that easily. This is especially true if you watch the news once a while. That ol' date is getting closer. And sometimes we look back to see what has changed. I think a lot has changed since then. Some for the better. Others for worse. I think the latter, personally. To elaborate, the recent events caused a particular airport to ban the carry-on of liquids. Liquids! Muther-fucking LIQUIDS. For fuck sakes, they even scrutinize against baby formula! What? Did someone snapped and gone Sam L to say "I've had it with these muther-fucking liquid on this muther-fucking plane!"? Muther... fucking... liquids.

Katrina -- still the same... only this time, the insurance companies are exploiting the very loopholes that they have created in order to ensure that they pay out as little as possible to the victims of this natural disaster. Wind damage vs water damage vs both. The disaster area is still a disaster area to me. It's just dry... I think.

Jack Thompson -- even though this is one of the last place he'll ever notice, I still say he is one fucking retarded asshole. He wants to get the game Bully early so that he can evaluate whether or not the content of the game will be potentially harmful to "kids." Dude, it's a fucking game. And the ratings will define who the game's for. If he wants to get a copy of the damn game, he ought to get in line on release day and get a copy himself. He, along with some of the political morons, need to get with the program and start thinking for once... or perhaps actually learn what the hell it's all about.

But enough ranting out of me.

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