Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I'm Not Worthy

For those Stardock and WinCustomize visitors who stumble upon this, I'll say this up front:

I'm guilty.

For a while I've been secretively using Stardock's software without a proper license to use them. All those enhanced versions you know of, I probably have them somewhere. Yes, I'm a bad person. And I'm being honest to you right now.

"Why now? Why not earlier?" Well, let's say Stardock finally gave me an incentive on signing up. It's partly due to the activation system implemented into WindowBlinds. But I also find that now is a good time to jump the gun while taking advantage of the 1 year timeframe with the possibility that...
  • IconPackager 3.0 will be out
  • ObjectBar 2.0 will be released
  • A new version of WindowFX made public
  • Virtual Desktops for desktop windowing management
But I'm not worthy. Yet by all means I am entitled to it. I'm undeserving of all those softwares soon to be released. It's just not right.

I was one of those people who wouldn't pay for softwares if it means one can get it for free. I know where to go. I know how to get it. Lowlifes like myself don't have the kind of spending money to really indulge ourselves in quality softwares that make our lives more productive or entertaining. I won't mention what others I have laying about. But you already know just how much of a scum I am for doing this to Stardock.

I don't ask for your forgiveness, nor do I ask for another chance. You take me for who I am. However, there's just one thing different now. There's just one thing that is finally done right for Stardock: I paid my dues.

When all is said and done, Stardock has another customer. Satisfied? Definitely. Whether or not I am deemed worthy is really up to them. If you say that I am being hard on myself, you're being too nice. Given the opportunity, if Stardock had not implemented that activation system, I still would not have paid that $20/$50 up front. Granted, certain activation methods on softwares are fine. However, a certain software developer would be getting into a lot of trouble if such activation means restricting certain other users from getting critical security updates.

In the end, what matters is how you face piracy. Do you take it as compliment? Or do you take it as a financial threat to your company's well-being?

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splintax said...

I pay for the software I like using. However I'm not completely against getting an 'extended trial' so to speak :P

The main thing that stops me from buying software is how difficult it is for me to buy it, not having a credit card. I'd be a lot poorer if I did :P