Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A penny saved

I'm sure that those who ever goes out to buy some fancy stuff would want to save the most money as possible. It's only natural to do so since we'd like to make the most of the dollar. A penny saved is indeed a penny earned. Sometimes people are good at saving money. Others aren't so good.

Perhaps one of the best thing about the online auction site eBay is that people buy stuff up, often at prices that exceeds a person's expected price point. And often I see people bid on some items that I keep tabs on (computer components, toys, DVDs). A lot of those times the amount they bid is beyond the price limit for me. Sure, they may have saved some dollars. But that's just it... they only saved only a few dollars. In the computer world, saving a few dollars means very little when it only takes a week or two for the price to come down by that amount. This is especially true in components that fluctuate a lot, like processors and RAM. For me, I seek out for the best deal possible to ensure that the amount I bid is the amount that'll save me a bunch, not just a few dollars. Factor in shipping costs, and the bidding limit goes even lower.

When Logitech introduced the MX1000 laser mouse, I was anxious to know how it runs with games. However, I soon realized that some people experiences small or minor problems when they run games, particularly when they need to readjust their mouse by lifting it up and setting it down. The supposed delay that they describe made me hold off that hopeful purchase. And then there's the wireless aspect, something I'm not too fond of. Perhaps the one thing that kinda ticks me off about Logitech is how they are not diversed in their offerings when they introduced a new model or product. Lemme explain...

The MX1000 is the first laser mouse from Logitech. It's also wireless. Compare that with Microsoft's introduction of the tilt-wheel mice. Originally it started as wireless but a wired model is soon released. There's also a Bluetooth version as well as a model that includes a fingerprint reader. Microsoft provides more options and all of them came with a tilt-wheel. Look back at Logitech and for months on end their MX1000 was still the only laser mouse in their lineup. And it's still wireless.

Only recently has Logitech finally unveiled two additional mice that uses laser technology, one of interest is the Logitech G5 mouse. This particular model is laser and, at long last, wired. Well, the wait is over... so to speak. The hunt then begins for the bargain to get this mouse into my possession. And so I scour the various price engines and eBay for the best offer. I also check up on the retailers such as Best Buy, Circuit City, and Microcenter for availability and prices although none of them has them in stock nor do they offer a better price than the MSRP.

And so I notice that the price for the mouse is starting to drop slowly, with the lowest found at an old favorite called ZipZoomFly at $54.99 with free shipping. Cross referencing through eBay, and I found one particular entry with a text indicating to the seekers and buyers to dare to find it for a cheaper price. Upon closer inspection of the auction, there sits near the price is a 'Best Offer' link for buyers to make their case to the seller.

The first attempt failed due to my offer seemingly falling on deaf ears. My second attempt ought to be more interesting, as I have included more text to better fill the 500 character limit of my offer message. And with my message archived, I hope that this time the seller will take a look in order to see that I have indeed met the dare and have provided indisputable proof that I can get it for less. However, I will fall into the trap that I mentioned at the beginning, saving only a mere few dollars. If my offer is refused or, again, fall upon deaf ears, then nothing is lost. However, if I do not get this offer accepted, I will then question the seller's credibility. Alas, there is no way to actually comment on the item itself. But I'd like to have something like this more publically known to any buyers out there.

Maybe I'll get it. Maybe I won't. Either way, it matters very little to me. It'll just be an added bonus if I can get it for that much since I would have saved some dollars. A penny saved is a penny earned.

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